Resilient controller and hypervisor placement for future communication networks (RESyST)


Welcome to the website of the RESyST project.

The project co-leader, Marija Furdek Prekratić, and the project leader, Ognjen Dobrijević, will organize a workshop entitled "Optical 5G Transport Networks - How to Face Reliability with Virtualization?" at the 2018 Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP 2018). ACP is one of the largest international conferences in the Asia-Pacific region on communications, in particular on optical communication, and has been organized annually from 2001. This workshop would provide a venue to discuss the reliability challenges for 5G communication networks, with a special focus on optical infrastructure and the issues stemming from network virtualization. The workshop would gather experts from both academia and industry to describe their visions on how to deal with these challenges.

Ognjen has also been invited to give a research talk at the same conference and present the respective paper entitled "On design of reliable SDN networks with virtualization capabilities".

Author: Ognjen Dobrijević
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